Field Trips

Our size and flexibility make it easy for us to take frequent field trips. Dr. Montessori used the term “going out” to emphasize that the world is our classroom, not just the four walls that enclose our school. We go out to study topics in real-world situations. Because the Montessori curriculum is so expansive, we go to a variety of places and no two years are exactly alike.

Parent volunteers drive the primary students to their field trips.

The primary classes have recently visited or will soon visit:

● The Richland Library-
● Columbia City Ballet-
● City Roots-
● Columbia Children’s Theatre-
● Saluda Shoals Park-
● Riverbanks Zoo-

The MSC bus transports elementary students to their field trips.

The lower and upper elementary classes have recently visited or will soon visit:

● Sonoco Recycling Facility-
● The Schiele Museum of Natural History-
● Fifth Circuit Solicitor’s Office-
● Spirit of South Carolina sailing trip in Charleston Harbor –
● Lexington County Historical Museum-
● Historic Camden-
● Confederate Relic Room-
● S.C. Statehouse-
● S.C. State Museum-
● The Richland Library-
● Riverbanks Zoo and Garden-
● Columbia Museum of Art-
● U.S. Postal Service Distribution Center
● Congaree Swamp National Park-
● Carolina Children’s Garden at Clemson Extension-
● Camp Thunderbird-
● Camp Kanuga, North Carolina
● Barrier Island Environmental Education Program on Seabrook Island