Montessori Preschool Moves To Rosewood

In 2012 the Montessori School of Columbia moved its preschool program to the Rosewood neighborhood, creating one unified campus for school’s K-3 through 6th grade programs. The Montessori School of Columbia, one of the oldest Montessori schools in the Midlands, renovated a house at 506 Howard Street for its preschool and kindergarten program.

Earlier in the year the school renovated a house at 2804 Oceola as its new administrative offices and classrooms for Latin, Spanish, art and music. “We are thrilled to have one home for both our preschool and elementary programs and to have more space,” said Julie Hall, president of the school’s board of directors. “We have been waiting for just this sort of opportunity.”
The Montessori School opened as an elementary school in 1983, and has operated at 2807 Oceola Street for 28 years. In 1999, the school opened a preschool program at Trinity Presbyterian Church on Greenlawn Drive. The two locations are six miles apart. “Many of our families have children in both the preschool and elementary programs, and the relocation will be tremendously more convenient for them,” said Karen Kuse, director of the school.

The Montessori School of Columbia is a full member of the American Montessori Society and offers an authentic Montessori education emphasizing experiential learning, an individually-paced curriculum, and the development of self-control and time-management skills. Students are grouped in multi-age classes of K-3 through kindergarten, 1st-3rd grades, and 4th-6th grades.