MSC’s Campus – Then and Now

In the fall of 1983, MSC opened at a church in Five Points. The school remained there for a year and a half until one of the parents found a building for sale on Oceola Street in the Rosewood neighborhood. The school moved to Rosewood in 1985.

By 1999, it was clear that the school needed a bigger, more attractive space. Eventually in 2006 and 2008, the school purchased two small residences directly behind the elementary school, facing South Maple Street. The houses were run-down and ultimately demolished, allowing the vacant land to be added to the elementary playground.

In 2012, the school purchased two more residences directly across from the building on Oceola Street and renovated them to use as preschool classrooms. A preschool playground was added as well as a chicken coup and hens!

In 2014, MSC acquired and renovated two more houses along South Maple. One is used as an upper elementary classroom and the other houses the administrative offices, art and foreign language classes.

Altogether, the school’s five little cottages sit on 2.2 wooded acres just minutes from downtown Columbia and the University of South Carolina.

2 Master Campus

MSC’s Future Expansion Plan

It has always been our dream to have our facilities match our amazing program. While we’ve made tremendous strides in recent years, we identify a strong need for a multipurpose space to use for aftercare, summer programs, and a place for our youngest students to nap or rest in the afternoons.

The construction of a new elementary building is underway and the existing elementary building will be used as this much-needed multipurpose space.

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Rendering of New Elementary Building